Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Your battery is too drained to empty a trailer load.

  • Your battery drains after only a few uses/dumps.

  • You’re having a hard time remembering to recharge your battery overnight before the next day’s use.

  • You have to charge and bring extra batteries to swap when your trailer batteries are dead.

  • Your battery becomes drained between extended uses and must charge or be swapped before using.

With the RoadCharger Dead Batteries -are- No More!


Keep your trailer batteries optimally charged with the RoadCharger Battery Charger

This product ensures that your trailer batteries are fully charged efficiently by boosting the charging voltage and monitoring the battery status. Reduce common issues including batteries being drained too fast and charging voltages too low to extend the life of your batteries charge.


RoadCharger Brochure
20 Amp 35 Amp

Read more about how the Lift Gate Battery charger can help save your battery!

Lift Gate Battery Charger