Why Healthy Battery

Healthy Battery has been singing the praises of the PulseTech line of products for many years. The concept of using batteries for their full, intended term seemed so out of reach until PulseTech's patented Pulse Technology came on the scene.

Now that we know your battery can last for 5 times longer with PulseTech products, why settle for less?

HealthyBattery.com is not satisfied until you are. We make it our business to provide only the best products that will help you save money, time, energy and live more green in the process.

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Learn More About Battery Charging

Charge, Maintain and Condition

Charge | Compatibility

Our patented Pulse Technology works with all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries including sealed, flooded, gel cell and AGM. By keeping the plates clean, batteries charge faster and deeper so they can work harder and last longer than you ever thought possible.

Charge | Power

Our PulseTech solutions also allow for greater charge acceptance to recharge faster and release more stored energy. With more available energy, your vehicles and equipment last longer between recharges allowing your electronic accessories to work more efficiently.

You get the true power of your batteries.

Learn More About Battery Testing

Analyze Battery Condition

Test | Reliability

Ensure power reliability with our battery analysis tools to accurately test your batteries without using a load tester. Our battery analyzers will help evaluate the performance of 6- and 12-volt batteries as well as 12- and 24-volt systems.

Test | Efficacy

As technology continues to advance rapidly, the availability of reliable power is no longer a luxury. Our monitoring and maintenance products assure power availability and cost-effective management.

So you’re curious to know if the investment into a battery management product such as the Xtreme Charger will actually pay off?

Here you can see two batteries, the top has been charged using the Xtreme Charge while the bottom is using a standard trickle charger.  After 5 years worth of cycles, sulfate buildup on the plates of the bottom battery is very clear.  Using our product, your battery can be as efficient as the day you bought it like the first battery.

Jump starts, emergency battery charging, and replacements are a thing of the past.

Learn More About Battery Maintenance

Extend Battery Life Up to 5X

Maintain | Pulse Technology

Consistent use of our patented Pulse Technology works to keep battery plates clean, so your battery works harder and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. By preventing sulfation build up on the battery plates your battery works for up to five times longer, which adds up to money in your pocket.

Maintain | Efficiency

When your battery maintains a greater reserve capacity to recharge faster and release more of its stored energy, it allows your electronic accessories work more efficiently and reliably.