Have a Fleet?

Our Expertise Gives Your Company the Leading Edge

Fleet | Experience

We have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing battery charging accessories. Our quality standards are the highest in the industry and you can bet that we have the expertise to set up your fleet for long term success.

Fleet | Advantage

With PulseTech products on-board, your fleet has the advantage above your competitors. You can dedicate less time and money to battery replacement and maintenance. With the proper training and use, our test, charge and maintenance products consistently achieve a 70-80% reduction in battery consumption. You do the math on how much that can save you in a year, much less 10!

Fleet | Service

As a fleet owner we have dedicated customer service professionals who will work with your fleet to determine exactly what the best resources will be for you and your fleet. Regardless of what system you use, the difference in quality will be noticable from the very beginning.

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