“I have a bass boat with 3 batteries that I usually have to replace every 2 to 3 years.   10 days ago I put the XTREME Charger and Quad link multiplier on a set of batteries that are approximately 1 year old.  They had been sitting for over 6 weeks without charging and were basically dead.   After 10 days all 3 batteries have at least 12.6 volts and are at least 75% full capacity with one at 100% capacity.   I put another XTREME Charger on a fourth 3 year old trolling battery used on another small boat.  Before charging it was at 8.4 volts and 124 cranking amps.   Now it is at 12.63 volts and 533 cranking amps and there is no sign of the white crystals that were previously covering the plates.   I would recommend any fisherman who is having battery problems to go with the PulseTech Xtreme charger and Quad link.  I have seen the proof.”     

Thomas Graham, Carrollton Texas